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Snapchat is a Smartphone based application which works on iOS & Andorid Operating system, One can easily download Snapchat from App store in iOS & Play store in Android.It was introduced 5 years ago in social networking world on 2011 in september month.Snapchat has gained importance recently as it is been used for photo sharing by millions of people around the world.

How Snapchat Works:-

Snapchat is a fun application developed by Snap Inc. which differ in size in iOS & Android.Whenever a user sends or receive a pic in Snapchat, it exists for only a short interval of time & then it gets disappear.One can easily take screen shot to save in their phone.Snapchat also offers distinct features to the users which makes messaging & video sharing more intersesting & famous among the social media.

Snapchat Customer Service Number

Snapchat can be used by anyone there is no age defined in this app but it is generally famous among teens & adults.In recent times by gaining much importance in social networking it has become a mean of communicating in form of messages or video chat.

Whenever one downloads this app in their phone they are provided with a unique code which is generally known as Snapcode.One can add a contact in their Snapchat contact list to whom they want to send/receive snaps & videos.If still someone wants to know about Snapchat & how to install it they can contact to Snapchat customer service number.

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