Can I Talk to Real Person at Facebook

Simple Ways to connect with Facebook

Facebook is the leading social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. According to research and stats, it is known to be the most visited website and most downloaded application from the application marketplace. It is that online community that binds millions of users worldwide. Ever since its introduction, it has enhanced its feature, and today, it is one of the leading sites used for business purposes as well. Today its use is not limited to social networking itself. Instead, people use it as the go-to place to sell or buy any product or service. Different business owners use it as a platform to market their brands.

Facebook needs you to make your personal account or page to use the service. Any device with internet connectivity, like smartphones, laptops, or tablets, can use Facebook. Once registering with Facebook, one can use its basic feature to connect with friends, family, or colleagues by sending or accepting a friend request.

After connecting with your friends, you can share different posts in your feeds that may consist of pictures, songs, or videos as statuses.

Some of the unique features of Facebook that made it stand out from the rest of the social sites are:

1)Like button: 

2)News feed: It appears on every user's homepage and displays upcoming events, birthdays, changes of profile pictures, live events, etc.

3)Personal timeline: Every Facebook user has their own personal timeline that displays photos, status updates, photos, and other content.

4)Instant messaging: By using messenger.

Though Facebook provides unmatchable and unbeatable services to its users still, it has always been in the news for the problems associated with its usage.

Some of the common issues like can I talk to a live person at Facebook? faced by the users registered with facebook are described in the elaborated form in the section below. Refer to the forthcoming section.

Most common issues of Facebook

1)Facebook login problem: Sometimes, users complain about the issue they face while trying to login into their Facebook accounts. Once you end up typing your user id and password & hit the login button, the buffering process of Facebook begins, and it keeps on displaying "page loading" the homepage does not load, and hence your login fails completely.

2)Crashing of the Facebook app: The commonest and most irritating situation any user comes across is Facebook crashing. When facebook crashes, it stops working and shuts down or takes you back to the home screen. Sometimes even the screen turns black, and users are directly taken back to the home screen. The primary reason for facebook crashing is low space or outdated versions of the application installed on your device. Always keep updating and installing new updates on your device to avoid this situation.

3)Facebook not loading: Some of the users also face the issue of Facebook not loading. Due to poor internet connection usually, this problem generates so to avoid this issue you must use stable internet or wi-fi connection.

4)Facebook server down: One of the most frustrating situations is when the Facebook server goes down because you are not really sure about the situation and the ways to fix this issue.

Whenever you feel like that Facebook server is down, you must ensure to check other websites; if other sites are loading fine, then there is a problem with Facebook only. Also, you must cross-check with other users whether they are facing the same problem at the same time or if their application is working fine.

If you get any of the following messages while login into your account "Sorry, something seriously went wrong with the app. We're still progressing on getting this fixed as soon as we can," "Sorry, some error has occurred. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can," and "Account is Temporarily Unavailable. Your account is currently not present due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly" then you must be clear that the server is down or the site is under maintenance, and the problem will be resolved in some time.

5)Facebook is unable to open chats: Sometimes, when we try to open the Facebook chat option either on messenger or through a mobile site, it keeps on loading, and the chat window fails to open.

6)Facebook images and videos not working: Sometimes, pictures and videos won't load on Facebook. In that case, you can restart your application and try refreshing the page.

Different ways to reach Facebook:

If you are unable to fix any facebook issue and want to reach the Facebook customer support team, then you can choose one of the alternatives from the list mentioned below:

Ask the Facebook help community a question:

You can always try to resolve your Facebook issue by asking for a solution to your problem in the Facebook help community. For this, you need to follow the following steps:

1)Visit the Facebook homepage and click on help and support. After that, select the help center.

2)After Scrolling to the extreme bottom of the page, you will find the option of visiting the help community.

3)After hitting on the option, you will be navigated to a page where various options are available, and frequently asked questions by the users, along with their solutions, are also mentioned. You can either go through them to solve your issue or type your own query in the search bar.

4)Finally, end the process by clicking on the submit button to post your query, and you will be answered shortly.

Via Phone number: Even though Facebook does not provide the facility of connecting with the live human directly, you can try to reach them via the contact number provided for Meta, including Facebook & Instagram.

If you call the number, you will be redirected to computer generated recording, which asks you to select any of the options provided on the IVR menu. 

Press 1 for Facebook business queries

Press 2 for Facebook developers issues

Press 3 for Instagram business queries

Press 4 for Facebook developers issues

Press 5: to repeat the options

Via chat option: Facebook chat option is available for business accounts. You will find the option of clicking the chat at the bottom of the get help on Facebook for a business website.

Via other social platforms: You can also reach someone from the Facebook customer support team by using any other social media like Instagram or Twitter. You can tag the official Facebook account along with your query and post it on your account. The Facebook customer support team will reach you once they acknowledge your issue. In case they send you an email, always examine the credibility of the account. Facebook always uses its official email handlers to send messages and doesn't promote third-party email accounts.

Is it beneficial to talk with facebook agents?

Since there is no direct option to talk to a Facebook live person, therefore, many users choose the option to talk with facebook agents to solve their issues. The option to connect to the Facebook live agent is a multi-channel help desk & is available in the form of chats. You can send an email or continue to talk in the form of messages. Since it is helpful in providing a solution to your problem, therefore, it is considered beneficial for the business accounts on Facebook.

Does facebook customer service open 24/7?

Yes, Facebook customer service is available 24/7. Though the response you receive from the Facebook team depends on your medium of contact. If you choose to send an email, then the expected response time is more than the time taken via the chat process. So choose your method of communicating wisely to resolve your query as soon as possible.




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