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Founded:  September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, CA
Founders:  Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Headquarters:  Mountain View, CA
CEO:  Sundar Pichai
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Google is not a new name in the digital industry. It is the best search engine in the world with lots of products and features. People using internet to search something use a web browser and a search engine. Google is the biggest search engine with millions of search results for a single search. It has developed any of its products to give its users an amazing experience. It has a wide range of products including Google+ as social media platform, Gmail as emailing service, Google Drive as cloud storage, Google chrome as web browser and many more products.

With so many products and services, it becomes hard for many users to understand and know how these products and services work. So they need some tech support to know the full functionality and getting their queries resolved. Google customer service provides frequent solutions for all your queries. Users in need of tech support can call on the toll free support number and discuss the query with exert technician to get quick resolution and result.

Products like Google AdWords, Google apps, and Google analytics are for professional usage. In need of support, users can get in touch with the support team that is accessible round the clock throughout the year. The products, services and support have made Google the number one choice in the digital industry.

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Street View, which is a great location based service, allows the users to view the real pictures of the places which are around the world. The imagery is just exceptional and the viewers will feel that they are really standing there. Many users like to view any location through street view and enjoy this real life imagery. But a majority of the users are not able to use the street view. However there is no point of being depressed as they can use the street view application with the help of the below mentioned guidelines:-

  • First open the option Google Maps
  • Just look for a particular place by using the map
  • Now choose the photo having the icon of street view
  • When you have done that, then you need to go to the left and then click on Back

The users can easily go for experiencing street view with the help of these instructions. However if they fail to use the street view from the above procedure, then the right method to perform this task is to call a number which will help you in viewing the street view. There are other methods which can be used in order to see the street view of Google maps. The ones who are really distressed over the incapability of seeing the street maps can learn to use street view by connecting to Google customer specialists by calling Google customer service toll free number immediately.

Google Customer Service Number

Google is an American multinational technology company which is related to internet services and products, Google also include online advertising technologies, it is used every second minute of the day hence there are couple of problems attached to it.

Google customer service number comes handy basis on what problem you are facing with the concerned services at times the individual can seek help for the concern by calling the live technician and if that option is not available then one look for the live chat or the email option to help, if either or of these options are not available the individual can look for the option to seek help from the forum or the community. In case of the call back request on has to ensure that the details filled by you is correct so that they react out to you for assistance

How To Reset Google Password

In order to reset the Google password one has to follow the process laid down –

  • First and foremost go to the account support page
  • Kindly answer the questions asked, this is indeed done to confirm if it is your account and email will be sent to you, if you have not received the email kindly check the spam as well.
  • Now the individual has to add to the address book
  • Kindly check all the emails which you use to sign in to your account
  • Request another email
  • Now all the individual needs to is choose a password which you have not used with this account
  • All you need to ensure is that password id safe and easily remembered by you.

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