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Norton Antivirus: Removing viruses since 1990

In this age of science and technology, people store all their important data on their personal computers or in their smartphones. All this data is then connected to the cloud service that makes these available from anywhere and on any device is given the particular password and username.

This cloud-based service and smart devices have made life so easy for everyone who wants to have the ease of accessing their data from anywhere. This method, however, is prone to many hacks which lead to people stealing other person's data. The Norton Antivirus customer service team does a very good job protecting the data.

Norton is a very well known company in the antivirus business. It's among the first companies that started making antivirus software seeing the rise in online hacks and spread of viruses in the early days of online computing. It has come a long way from the early days when the virus was not that harmful as the current ones. The viruses of the current generation are capable of copying gigabytes of data in few seconds. These viruses are so harmful that they can wipe out all the government data in a click of one button.

This is one of the biggest threats that the world is facing today and Norton is very much concerned about getting this rectified. Norton antivirus is the biggest force fighting against cyber crime which has become a menace for the FBI and different surveillance agencies.

Norton antivirus makes antivirus software for windows, Mac, and mobile platforms as well. It caters to all kinds of platforms making it an omnipresent antivirus more powerful than any malware or a virus. The pricing for the windows version start with $12 same for Mac, the android version is a little lower than these however it has the same functionalities as the other two.

Norton has won many awards throughout the 25 years of rich history, one of them being for the for which Norton has won the most number of awards, more than any other technology company. This feat is very tough to achieve but thanks to the STAR team and the Norton antivirus customer service they have been able to do this.

Norton antivirus provides protection against many threats such as

  • Malware
  • Adware
  • Viruses
  • Cybercrime
  • Hacking

Norton antivirus is so successful because of the Norton antivirus customer service team that removes any issues with the software. Some of the most asked questions about the Norton antivirus are as follows

Question: The virus scan stops before completing 100%

Answer: This problem used to arise in the last versions due to the change in operating system but with the latest update it has been rectified.

Question: The Norton product is not starting.

Answer: This happens due to the different settings in computers. There is software called Norton remove and reinstall tool. That tool takes care of all these kind of problems.

These FAQs and much more can be looked upon on the official website as well. Norton antivirus customer service team is ready any time of the day to remove the problems from the customer's devices. They can be contacted through the official website as well as the Norton antivirus customer service phone number. They have very good engineers and support staff who have very high knowledge of how the virus work and so they are able to easily identify the type of problem in a person's device.


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