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Can I Talk to Real Person at Facebook

Simple Ways to connect with Facebook

Facebook is the leading social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. According to research and stats, it is known to be the...

How do I format my laptop Windows 10

Operative steps to format your laptop Windows 10

The laptop may encounter any ...

Computer not Detecting External Hard Drive

What are the fixes for the issue of computer not detecting external hard drive?

With an external hard drive, you can keep the backup of all your important stuff. But, it be...

Gmail Error 500

A Quick Guide to fix the Error 500 in Gmail Account

Gmail accounts are always preferred more than any other email clients among the users due to their great services. These...

Snapchat not downloading from Google Play Store

Snapchat not downloading from Google Play Store- How to fix

What to Do When you are unable to Download Snapchat from Google Play Store

Whatsapp not working

What Will You Do When You See WhatsApp Not Working? Get Complete Information Here

If you're seeing some issues with your WhatsApp, you should not worry about it. The issue ...


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