Outlook Account Recovery Process

How can you recover lost outlook account by Outlook Account Recovery Process?

Founded as Hotmail and later renamed as Outlook, is a venture of Microsoft. Outlook.com is web mail application that is used for email communication, saving contacts, managing calendar, handling tasks etc. outlook in today’s time is used for all kinds of email conversations. Especially in corporate houses all official conversations is done through outlook only. As a user we have access to lot of accounts for different purposes and because of it, we end up forgetting passwords. Forgetting passwords is very common these days but somewhere it affects our work. But one can easily do outlook account recovery without having to worry about it. So if you have also lost your password then follow below steps to recover lost account.

h2>Methods to recover Outlook account:

Step 1:Through recovery phone number

Step 2:By alternative email

Step 3: Security questions

You can follow any of these methods to recover your account. But if you don’t have any of this recovery information then you can use others to reset password. Let say if you don’t have access to recovery email then you can use other two methods for outlook account recovery.

Steps to recover Outlook Account:

1.One can refer to below steps to recover outlook account.

2.Visit the official website of outlook

3.Tap on ‘get started’

4.Once the page loads, enter your email address

5.Next tap on add account. You will be taken to password page

6.Now since you have forgotten your password, therefore tap on ‘I forgot my password’

7.A window will load next asking for the most possible reason of losing your account

8.Once you have listed your reason now tap on next

9.In a window there will be jumbled characters that you have to enter in verification box

10.Once you have entered the code, tap next

Once you have followed above steps of outlook account recovery, now you will be asked to choose option of recovery process. Since user doesn’t have access to alternative mail, therefore one can choose recovery number as well as security questions to reset password. Have a look on following steps.

Process for Outlook account recovery with phone number

1.Once you have followed all the steps above then tap on recovery through phone number

2.A box will appear and enter your registered phone number

3.Now tap to verify and select send code

4.You will receive a recovery code on text

5.Enter that code and now

6.And now you will be taken to password recovery page

7.Enter a new password and you are done

Process for Outlook account recovery through Security Questions

1.After following all the steps select account recovery through security questions

2.You will be asked few basic questions related to your personal details

3.Answer all the questions correctly

4.Once done, outlook will try verifying your account

5.On being done you will be asked to enter a new password

6.Create a strong password that you can easily remember and is strong enough as well

7.And you are done

In case you are not able to recover your account still or don’t have any information regarding recovery methods then you can contact customer support. You can contact them with the help of outlook account recovery phone number. To reach out to customer support and ask for help refer to below points.

How effective Outlook Customer Support for Recovery Issues

1.If none of the recovery methods work you can take help of customer support

2.You can get their helpline number from internet. Note that there are different helpline numbers for different purposes

3.You can call them up and tell them your query

4.They will remain in touch till your issue doesn’t get resolved and hear your grievances

5.Once done you will be able to recover your account

Hopefully above information was helpful enough. And as a user one will be able to get back their lost account


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