How To Reset Google Account Password

Google is amazing. Reason being, it has covered us from all the sides. Starting right from the search engine, it has captured other markets like Email facility, AdSense and much more. The most important part of Google is Gmail account. The Gmail account can be used anywhere because we used maximum applications by Google only. The real problem comes when you forget the Gmail password or you feel a need to reset it. So, Google account password reset becomes important when you have lost your account and you are not able to sign in. Gmail is so important as all the mails regarding to the job, college, work and our favourite subscriptions come there. They are notified with the latest news and if they do not get to open the account, we will not be informed and we might lose on to something important.

Google account password reset is a thing that you need to learn so that you don’t get stuck in such problem. When you log in to your account, click forgot password. Then, you just have to follow the steps to recover your account. You will get an email and if you don’t get one, check the spam or bulk mail folders. You can then request for another email and you can follow get the steps to recover the account. Check the email addresses that you might have used to sign in or sign up to your account. After you have recovered the account, then create a password which you have not created yet. Create a strong password with the alphabets capital and small, numbers and symbols used.

After you have completed the process and created a password, keep it in your head so that you don’t get stuck again. And even if you do, you know the steps to get the account back.


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