How To Configure Netgear Router

Do connect successfully your modem to the internet port of the NETGEAR router plus your PC to any of the four LAN ports. Then, switch the computer, broadband/cable modem and router, off plus on again. Do wait for them all to properly finish booting up. Then, open a web browser plus type the router's IP address that would be either or in the address bar plus press Enter. You are indicted to log into the router. The default password is password and default username is admin. On the other hand, these are case-sensitive. Just press Setup Wizard and get it displayed. Chose Yes and click Next. It is to be noted that the Setup Wizard detects the right type of internet connection. It is to be remembered that for cable internet connections, the Setup Wizard largely detects Dynamic IP. Do press Next. The router successfully saves the settings. You can also check if you are perfectly connected to the internet, by selecting Router Status under Maintenance.

You Can Contact Netgear Router Technical Support Number:

  • In case, if you face any kind of simple or serious issues.
  • Clearing your doubts and getting answer for your queries.
  • You can directly contact them for any kind of technical issues rectification.
  • You can seek their assistance and support at anytime and anywhere.


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