Google Account Recovery Tips and Hints

Important Tips And Hints to Know About Google Account Recovery

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and so does its Gmail account in terms of its users all around the world. Of all the email accounts, Gmail has the largest user engagement globally. Out of 5 people, 3 will definitely have a Gmail account. Since, the introduction of Android, the number of Gmail accounts has touched the sky within a couple of years. Despite the fact that the Google has been able to make its place in almost every smart phone because of its varieties of services, its users also faces recovery issues with their email accounts on a regular basis.  Hence, this article will provide you some important tips and hints to guide you through the Google account recovery process. Keep reading to learn more.

Important Google Account Recovery Tips And Hints

  • Google is famous for providing ample number of alternatives to recuperate Gmail accounts. What’s important is that you must provide plenty information such as phone number, security questions, email address, date of birth  to your account, etc to the Google while you create your Gmail account. This will help you later in situations where you might lose access to your account. Once you have given the required information, you are all set to make Google account recovery at any point of time without any difficulty.
  • Now if you ever face trouble while signing into your account, you can use the aforementioned alternatives to recover your account password or username. For instance, you can visit the Google account recovery webpage and try out the provided information by typing them into the relevant text fields. When you choose the “I forgot my password” option than you can enter your phone number or the recovery email address to get the verification code or link that you will later enter in the account verification steps. You can also use the “Security Questions” feature, in case, nothing works out for you.
  • It is always recommended to use the same phone or web browser to sign into your account. In this way, if you are unable to recall your account recovery details especially your username or email address then you can simply go through your browser history and find the username in the “Auto fill form data” section. This will certainly help you in the further account verification steps.
  • However you can also recover your username or email address from the Google account recovery page by clicking the “I don’t know my username” option and further providing the relevant information such as the phone number or recovery email address linked with your account.
  • You must always store or back up your data in a cloud storage facility such as Google drive, iCloud etc. This will help you to keep your data secured while you are unable to access your Google account.



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