Gmail Hacked, Not Receiving Emails

Many of the Gmail account holder have faced the account hacking issue previously due to the low security standards of Gmail. However, the same (account safety standards) has been taken to the next level and now the Gmail accounts are comparatively much secure.

Account Hacking Issue: When user’s account is hacked, the authentic user is unable to access the account and receive the emails too on his her laptop, mobile and the other devices wherever the user has logged-in with the account.

  • User just gets automatically logged out from every device on password change by the hacker and when he tries to login into the account with the same login credentials (username and password), the user finds himself/herself unable to access the account and receive and access to the emails as well.
  • Below are the issues, the user faces on Gmail account hacking:
  • Inappropriate login credentials message (Error message) for first 3 attempts.
  • Account getting blocked by Google for 24 hours.
  • Google asking for the security question user set-up while account creation, account creation approximate date, month and year, alternate email address for recovery and etc.
  • Google may also ask for the OTP which is sent to the registered mobile number and the user is unable to access the same as the hacker changes the registered mobile numbe rand the recovery email address too.

Few of the users also have reported creation of a new Gmail account with the same email address and other details and with no previous mails into the Inbox, Sent Items and anywhere else into the account. However, this is the rare case which took place due to multiple attempts to recover the account with improper Gmail account details.



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