Change Flight Date Cathay Pacific

Book your trip and if needed change the flight date on Cathay Pacific Airlines!

If you have got your booking done to your destination in Cathay Pacific airlines and you need to make some changes and you need to know how to change flight date cathay pacific, you can go through following procedure:

  1. Go to website of Cathay Pacific airlines.
  2. Check out manage booking tab on Cathay Pacific airlines.
  3. Since you need to change booking, you are required to enter family name and given names and then, click on Continue.
  4. Go to manage booking section and change your schedule.
  5. Follow the on -screen instruction and manage the booking accordingly.

If you need to know about alternative method to know how to change flight date cathay pacific alternative method to change flight date, you can contact the customer care and change the schedule of your flight accordingly. The customer care executives of Cathay Pacific are proficient, adept and professional and provide extensive solution to customer problem. Besides, changing your flight schedule, you can check your flight status, flight schedule and also if you need to make other changes into your schedule, you can do it by contacting the customer care.

Cathay Pacific Airlines provides reservations in following classes:

  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Premium Economy
  • Economy

Some of the changes that you can manage are:

Add special meals: If you need meal of your choice on board but you forgot to add it at first go, you can contact the customer care and add the meal.

If you need hotel or car on rent: It is better to book a hotel or take a car on rent so that you need not to search for transport and accommodation once you reach your destination.

Need to change the package: If you want to change the package and choose any other than that you have right now, you can choose it according to your requirement.

Add special assistance: If you need mobility aid or need assistance for expectant mother or for infant, you can get it added.

Cathay Pacific airlines works incessantly for customer satisfaction. You can add multiple services to your ticket later on under manage the booking section. Cathay Pacific Airlines works indigenously so that customer can have easy access to the services of Cathay Pacific.

You can also know about various policies regarding change flight date Cathay Pacific by visiting Cathay Pacific Airlines website. Cathay Pacific Airlines also rolls out various packages time to time for its customers.

You can go to website and choose the package that best suits your need.

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