Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

Are you looking ahead to getting informed about the cancellation rules followed by the Frontier Airlines? When canceling a Frontier Airlines pre-booked flight is much needed due to random circumstances, they provide this service beneath a well-defined collection of rules. In case such a condition arises in front of you ever, you must know the cancellation policy of Frontier Airlines. Hence, the whole conditions described as per the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy are given below.

  • Frontier Airlines cancellation policy service is available for free under the 24 hour window, based on which you have the choice to cancel a flight ticket without paying extra cost at least up to 24 hours within the original booking time
  • Moreover, the scheduled departure of the flight you are cancelling under 24 hour window should be after 7 days, for getting the free service
  • However, you have to pay 119 dollars extra in case the flight you are cancelling within 24 hour is scheduled to depart before 7 days
  • Similarly, when you are cancelling a flight after the 24 hour stipulated time limit, then again you must have to pay the 119 dollars cancellation fee to them
  • Whereas you have to pay just 49 dollars for cancelling a flight after 24 hours whose scheduled departure is between 14-89 days according to the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy
  • Moreover, Frontier Airlines doesn’t levy any cancellation fee when the scheduled departure of your flight is after 90 days. Therefore, you can cancel such a flight within 24 hour or after as per your choice

Therefore, once you are acquainted to the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy as described above, it will be easier taking a more firm decision in such condition. Moreover, Frontier Airlines has a dedicated customer service department, whom you can get in touch for getting more assistance regarding the flight cancellation rules they offer.

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