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Finding an airline that understands passengers' issues is very difficult. As many airlines boast about their services and offer to attract passengers but when the time comes they are nowhere to be seen. But this is not the case with Southwest Airlines as this airline is considered to be the customer-oriented airline which will be pleased to help passengers. So, if you have booked your tickets with this airline then you shall not panic as you are in safe hands. Hence, if you think that you will not be able to board the flight that you have booked then you can choose to change the flight. 

But before you proceed, you should check Southwest airlines change flight policy which is stated below. 

Learning About Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy!

  • If a passenger is changing his flight within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket then he can proceed without paying any charges. 
  • If 24 hours have been crossed then he can still change the flight but will be asked for the flight change fee. 
  • And according to Southwest airlines change flight policy, there is no fixed flight change fee as it depends upon the passenger to which flight he selects and at what tie 
  • To change the flight to check the flight status, you can use the “Manage my Trip” option that is made available on the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • If a passenger is changing his flight which is for the next day then he will not be offered accommodation from the airlines as he is choosing to change the flight himself. However, he can pay and ask for accommodation if required.

So, with some of the information related to Southwest airlines change flight policy, you can get an idea of how to manage your reservations during this time. For more information, you are free to get in touch with the customer support of the airline.

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