Procedure To Change Gmail Password

Get details to change Gmail password on systems and on android devices !!

For changing the Gmail account password users can utilize their android phones and can follow the password changing steps and can even process the password change on their systems. For both the methods the user needs to follow certain steps that are mentioned below.

So, to change the Gmail password the user can simply follow the given steps. But, while the user is processing the password change steps they should be careful and should follow the correct steps to avoid any sign in issue.

  • Firstly, the user is supposed to sign in to their Gmail account.
  • Sign in can be done by entering the username as well as the email account password.
  • Then select on the settings menu mentioned at the upper side of the page.
  • From there go to the accounts and import tab and select on it.
  • The user then need to select on change account settings and from there click on change password menu.
  • Now, the user will be asked to enter their new password and also their current password in the given box.
  • The new password should be entered twice so as to confirm it.
  • Lastly select on save to confirm the new password.

Therefore, the above mentioned steps are the procedure to change Gmail password. These steps can be used while changing the Gmail account password on systems be it computers and laptops.

How we can change our Gmail password in Android phone?

Besides, if the user is utilizing their android phones for accessing Gmail account, then on that also they can easily change their Gmail password. Furthermore, to change Gmail password on android devices the mentioned below steps can be followed :

  • Firstly the user should enter on any browser on their android device.
  • By going on this link the user will get to the Gmail sign in windows.
  • There the user is required to enter their Gmail username and it's password correctly.
  • Then, click on security options and go to the next step.
  • From there select on password and then again sign in to the Gmail account.
  • Now, go to the new password option and mention the new password.
  • Once the new password is entered, select on change and lastly save the password.

Also, the concerned Gmail representatives can be contacted at any time if they face any issue regarding these steps. The executives can be contacted on their phone numbers and can also be connected with the use of their email and live chat facility.


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