KLM Manage my Booking

Traveling with KLM Airlines? Then you have quite a choice in the airline we must say. As the name suggests this airline aims to exhibit services that give passengers a royal feeling. The airline even has introduced such tactics which are considered to be the part of customer satisfaction and retention. The officials of this airline are very much helping to owe to the fact that some passengers may have queries while traveling with KLM airline. So, considering such points, the officials concluded and introduced KLM manage my booking options so that passengers can manage their reservations. Let us enlighten you and make you aware of this option further in this page.

A Brief Introduction of Manage Travel Option of KLM Airlines!

If a passenger is required to check the reservation details, want to provide special instructions on booking or if there is a need to change or edit your reservations then KLM Airline has come to introduce its managed travel option. So, to know what tasks can be performed by KLM airlines manage booking option he can refer to the information below.

    • Easy cancellations and reviewing of reservations.
    • Changing the flight date or name.
    • Asking to upgrade the seat.
    • Purchasing extra baggage if the limit has increased.
    • Paying for data to get entertainment on flight.
    • Any changes, editing or cancellation in the flight.
    • Special instructions in case of an infant.

And there can be many other tasks that can be performed under KLM manage my booking option. To know how to make use of this passengers can follow the steps below.  

KLM Manage my Booking Process

Learn How to Use Manage Travel Option of KLM Airlines!

    • Land on any preferred web browser and go to the official website of KLM airlines.
    • From the new screen that gets displayed in front of you, tap on the “Manage Travel” option from the top of the page.
    • Enter the required information like booking or reservation number and last name in the space and tap “Next”.
    • Find the required booking and tap on the “Edit Reservation” option such that you get all the travel details in front of you.
    • Perform the required function and click the “Confirm” option.
    • The changes done will be notified of the email that you entered at the time of booking.

A La Carte Service:

The customers can make their trip more comfortable and thus can purchase the following options:

      • Seat Plus for more leg room
      • Additional baggage allowance, which is available for purchase with Flying Blue Miles

Finalize and pay for reservations: To make the payment for the reservation, the customer needs to select the “Time to Think” option and then connect to the “Manage your reservations” area to confirm the same.

Hence, after knowing about various tasks and its procedure on how it is carried, you have the power to mold your reservations. This is another way to handle the reservation apart from contacting Klm airlines manage my booking department. However, if a passenger has some query then he is free to get in touch with KLM customer service irrespective of the time zone.