Jetblue Airways Cancellation Policy

Get details for JetBlue airlines cancellation policy and its service numbers available for passengers!!

 JetBlue airlines offers cheap and low cost airline tickets to passengers for their travel. This airline has various destinations be it the domestic places or the international places that it travels. Besides, there are times when passengers have some changes in their travel plans and for this they want to cancel their booked JetBlue airlines ticket.

So, for cancellation of the tickets, it is very important for the passengers to know about the JetBlue airlines cancellation policy. Without the details of Jetblue Airways cancellation policy,cancellation policy passengers might face confusions regarding their refunds of the cancelled tickets. So, to avoid all the confusions and difficulties the passengers should surely go through the cancellation policy of the JetBlue airlines.

Hence, below given is the cancellation policy of JetBlue airlines:

  • Tickets for JetBlue airlines can be cancelled with full refund if that particular ticket is booked within 24 hours of the scheduled time of departure.
  • For any tickets of JetBlue airlines that is being cancelled the cancellation fee is charged per person.
  • With the cancellation fee per person tha difference in the airfare is also added.
  • If any non refundable ticket is being cancelled then no refund will be processed.
  • For every refundable JetBlue airlines ticket full refund will be processed keeping in mind the date of booking the ticket. 

Jetblue Airways Cancellation Phone Number

 Therefore, this is the cancellation policy of JetBlue airlines that the passengers need to follow whenever they are processing the cancellation of their tickets. On the other hand, if the passengers face any issue related to the cancellation then they may dial the jetblue airways cancellation phone number and can talk with the concerned airline representatives. This particular number can be dialed whenever the passenger wishes to know more about JetBlue airlines cancellation policy .