How to Measure Luggage for Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines tops the US aviation industry as the most popular low-cost carrier. It serves 101 destinations alone in the US and 8 international destinations. When travelers prefer the Southwest airlines, they may have a question in common like how many bags can you check on southwest Airlines? However, you have to look for checked baggage rules and measure your luggage before you decide to book your flight ticket and travel in Southwest Airlines. The domestic and international travelers can inquire about Southwest baggage claim form and southwest baggage claim phone number or southwest airlines reservations page to know more information on Southwest Airlines baggage policy.

Southwest Carry on Policy

The Southwest Airlines permits a ticketed traveler to carry on two luggage pieces as per their luggage policy. The Southwest personal item size baggage includes one item and the other as normal luggage, which may be bigger or small than the personal item baggage size.

Southwest Carryon Baggage Fees

There is no baggage fee for a ticketed traveler if he or she carries baggage not more than 50-lbs and with luggage size not exceeding 62-inches (L+W+H). There is baggage fee of $75 per baggage, if you carry luggage weight from 51-lbs to 100-lbs. The luggage size allowed is up to 80-inches.

How can you measure your luggage yourself for Southwest Airlines

Anyone can measure his or her luggage with the help of measuring scale or tape available in your home. It will be better to follow the below steps.

  • Decide first on the two permissible luggages, which you wish to carry your personal items and clothing’s.

  • Keep those luggages to stand up in their right position on you floor.

  • Take a measuring tape and measure from the bottom of the luggage with/without wheel to its top height. Now, you will get the height of the luggage and note it down for the two pieces of luggage separately.

  • Again, to find the width measure, you have to measure on the side wise of the luggage. Note it down the same as width measure for both he pieces of languages.

  • Now, you have to measure the length by placing the tape on the bottom reaching both the edges of the luggage. Note it down the same.

  • Lastly, you have two-luggage’s measures as (L+W+H). Now calculate and see they are within 62-inches.