How To Fix Google Not Working On iPhone 7?

Explore the process for Google not working on iphone 7

When you create a google account, you are free to use most of the Google services free of cost. Various Google services are gmail, google drive, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Search, Play, Maps, Photos etc. These services are easy to use but sometimes users face technical issues while using these services. Google technical support number is the most popular way to get solution for various Google related issues.

  • Gmail not responding
  • Gmail imap/pop setting
  • Google drive issues
  • Google calendar issues
  • Google compatibility issues with iPhone
  • Gmail account freezes on iPhone

Contact Google Support for various issues

Users can contact Google support in case they face various issues which are unable to get fixed easily. The support team consists of highly dedicated technical executives who are eager to help the users for various technical issues like how to fix google not working on iphone 7 issues. The support team is effective in solving issues immediately and you can get quick response in most of the cases.

Steps for synchronization google calendar with iPhone

Most people use iPhone due to its advanced technology and features. Users are deeply dependent on their calendar when a busy weekday is to be coordinated. Many people use Google's offer for a free calendar. Of course, it is standard on Android smartphones, which are Google-based, but it just takes some easy steps to integrate it with the iPhone Calendar app. However, you will also be able to see your meetings, reminders, and repetitive Google Calendar agreements.

  • Tap “Settings”.
  • Select “Email, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Click your Google Account. If you do not already have your Gmail synced with your iPhone, instead, tap “Add Account ...” and enter your username and password.
  • If Gmail is installed, scroll down and turn on “Calendars”.
  • Now Google will start syncing your calendar with iPhone.


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