How To Change Language In Google Chrome

We are connected to the Internet through the web. There are plenty of activity that we do on Internet on regular basis. Internet has become the pandora box of our life as it not only helps in providing results to our queries but also various services which makes our life more luxurious. All these things couldn't be possible without the use of proper interface. Web browser is one such tool which helps in providing interface to their Internet. Earlier it used to be one or two web browser but these days there are plenty of them to choose. But the best among all web browser is Google chrome. Google chrome technical support phone number will helps and guide you in resolving any problem related to the web browser.

Google Chrome Customer Service

Google chrome is one of the most innovative product from the Google. It is currently one of the most popular web browser and have access to more than 60% o the market share. Millions of user across the world use Google chrome as a prime tool to interface with the Internet as it’s fast, reliable and easy to use. Apart from that it comes with certain distinguish features like bookmarking of the website, open the webbrowser in the private mode as well as addition of extensions or plugins and host of other features.One such features is changing of language, but few knows the method regarding How to change language in Google chrome. User needs to take assistance from Google chrome technical support and their technical support will assure you that all possible solution should be provided to fix your problem. Apart from that user can also follow these procedures to make the changes.

  • First of open the browser and then sign in into your browser.
  • Further click on the account and then click on settings.
  • Now make sure to click on Advanced.
  • Again Go to the Language and Input section and click on Language.
  • Choose the language one want to use.
  • Afterwards click on the language and then click on Add.
  • Then save your preferences and your preferred language is saved.
  • Now user can open the Google chrome in their preferred language.


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