How much does it cost to change Turkish Flight

What are the charges if I change my Turkish flight?

Turkish Airlines is the major carrier of Turkey, and it strives to provide unique travel experiences to its travelers. Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines because of its flexible booking and management options. One can change the details of their booked flight with ease by paying some applicable charges. From providing a fantastic travel experience to an agile customer service team to help the travelers, Turkish Airlines proves its dignity.

If you wonder how much it costs to change Turkish flight, then the airline has good news for you. Turkish Airlines flight change fee is as low as $60, and it could range up to $120. However, if you are stuck somewhere with your flight changes, contact the customer support team of the airline. 

Flight Change Policy at Turkish Airlines

The best thing to consider about Turkish Airlines is that it provides comfortable and flexible booking management options to its guests. Turkish Airlines successfully allows its passengers to make amendments to their booked flights for domestic and international travel. Read the given points to understand the flight change policy of Turkish Airlines:

  1. Turkish Airlines allows you to make amendments to the date, time, traveling classes, and route of your booked flight.
  2. You might have to pay applicable charges if you are changing your international or domestic flights.
  3. The change fee might range between 20 Euros to 40 Euros, depending upon your flight and the fare rule applied to it.
  4. If you are making changes 12 hours before your flight's scheduled departure, you are subject to pay around 30 % of the total airfare.
  5. Travelers can not change their flight one hour before the scheduled flight.
  6. If you are making flight changes within 24 hours, you may not charge any flight fee. But the catch here is, your flight should be booked seven days or more before the scheduled departure.
  7. If your travel itinerary falls within the pandemic situation, Turkish Airlines does not charge any transition fee.
  8. Fare differences subjected to government taxes, exchange rates or applicable fare class differences must be pay while making flight changes at Turkish Airlines.
  9. These protocols may differ if you are traveling to or from China.

Go through these rules and regulations if you wish to make amendments to your flight without paying any additional charges. The most basic knowledge to keep in mind is, you are eligible to request amendments only via the sales offices, call centers, and online channels of Turkish Airlines. Or, you can request the travel agencies from which you originally purchased your ticket. 

How can I change my Turkish Airlines flight?

If you wish to make amendments to your booked flight or even if you are considering changing it, Turkish Airlines made it possible. By following some easy and doable steps, you might be able to get a brand new reservation for your travel itinerary. Now that you know how much does it cost to change Turkish flight, it is time to change your existing flight with a new one. Follow the then follow to change your Turkish Airlines flight:

  1. Open your preferred search engine, visit the official site.
  2. On the homepage, you will get a text body page.
  3. In that form, you are required to enter your Ticket ID and your Last Name in the respective blank boxes.
  4. Now, select the Flight Change option.
  5. Provide the required change details of your flight, or you can choose a new flight for your reservation.
  6. Next, you get several flight details to choose the most suitable flight for your journey.
  7. Select a flight, enter the required information, including your name, last name, contact details, and email address.
  8. Pay the additional charges for your new flight, if there are any.
  9. Click on the Submit after making the changes.
  10. Follow further formalities presented by the airline.
  11. Once the procedure is complete, you will receive an invoice in your email.

After complying with all the required changes, you can reserve a new flight to cover your journey. However, if you face any trouble with your flight change and need to know how much does it cost to change turkish flight , you can contact the airline's customer service. The customer support team of Turkish Airlines is very agile, and one can find easy help in their demanding situation.