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Hotamil – was previously known MSN Hotmail was commonly known as Hotmail, it is an email service run by Microsoft as a part of Windows live , one of the most prominent feature is that it offers unlimited space as well as patented security measures , as we know it is used all across the world there are some problems associated with it and it can be dealt with Hotmail technical support .

What makes it so popular – following are some points which makes it world widely acceptable

  • It is for free
  • It is so easy to use that it is even used by children as well
  • One can use it many languages
  • It has vivid amount of storage which makes all the user friendly
  • Hotmail customer service team is expertise and ensure that users are not facing any concern

Hotmail email account issues – following are the some concerns associated with it

  • Facing concern with IMAP and POP while setting the account
  • Syncing the email to the phone or other devices
  • Wanting the mail in the other account automatically
  • Password forgotten
  • At times email takes time to open

All the above mentioned concerns can be taken take care in just one way by taking the apt solution the hotmail technical support

Hotmail Technical Support Number – one can reach out to them in many ways

  • One can go on the web and seek help from the existing forum which gives the solution which is tried and tested
  • The other way around is by calling the Hotmail technical team the expert on the other end hear your concern , will ask you to take the steps if the individual is facing some problem in performing the same can get the same sorted through remote access , email , live chatting as per the preference
  • The team make sure that the concern is aptly sorted and in the shortest span of time


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