Delta Airlines Black Friday Deals

Delta Airlines is the major airline network of United States of America. It was established on 30th May 1924 and is headquartered at Atlanta International Airport located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has a fleet size of 867 aircraft who travel to around 325 destinations all around the world.

What is Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals refers to the shopping time just before the Christmas and after the major public holiday. This is so referred to as black, due to the long queues in the shopping centres and marts.

When it comes to airlines, even the airlines offer huge offers during this time. This ensures that you travel to your favourite destinations at very good and reasonable prices. Hence, many airlines follow this Black Friday Deals.

Delta one will find the best deals and flight discounts of the holiday season. One can travel to Asia, Europe, South America and many places by taking the opportunity of black Friday deals. To get to know more about the Black Friday deals and also future offers, one can “Sign up for My Delta”. You will be updated with the latest offers. You can even book the ticket on 27th November and travel in May 2018.

Delta Airlines Black Friday Offers

  1. The Black Friday deals are available for domestic destinations at around 45 domestic cities. Fees, baggage charges, may be applied.
  2. The taxes may differ based on the directions.
  3. The Black Friday deals are available for round-trip fares when you are travelling to international destinations in selected cities in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  4. International tickets are only available for round trip travelling only.
  5. One has to keep in mind that the tickets are not transferable. The seats are available in limited number.
  6. Tickets and bookings shall be done before 27th November 2018 as the offer is valid till limited time only.
  7. The domestic travel may begin on or after January and must be anyhow completed by May.
  8. The international travel can start between 9th January and shall be completed by May the same year.

For one any more issues and clarifications, one can contact the Delta airlines customer support number for assistance.