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How Southwest Airlines Could Be The Better Option For You

Southwest airlines provides service at the lowest available rates, and having its operation in Dallas.It has more than thirty four hundred flights available for serving the passengers.There are more than ninety three destinations for which this airlines is giving its service.The number of countries in which it is currently operating is around forty one.Users could even get the facility of point to point service.

Those who wants to experience amazing airlines service,should choose the option for Southwest.For doing the flight ticket bookings,there is need to connect with the airlines agents through using the Southwest airlines booking phone number.

What are the benefits of selecting the option for Southwest airlines?

  • Users will be able to avail the  low fares
  • One could carry the two checked-in bags,that would be completely free 
  • Entertainment facilities along with Wifi facilities
  • Companion pass could be obtained easily 
  • Even there will not be any cancellation fee
  • One could get the facility to redeem on AirTran flights
  • Availability to  get friendly crew
  • Special facilities for the passengers with special disabilities

Why it is required to connect with the Southwest airlines agents?

It is required to connect with the airlines agents because they are always ready to help the users.Individual could see the low fare calendar tickets to avail the tickets at the cheaper rates.For more information,individual could even dial the Southwest airlines booking phone number.Through contacting over it,one could get the details for booking the tickets at the cheaper rate.Airlines agents will explain the complete method for booking the tickets at the reliable rates.Users will not get disappointed anyway.

Southwest Airlines: Puts all your travelling worries Aside

Back until the 19th century, there were no means to fly and the fastest way to travel was to be on a smooth surface and being hauled by an animal, steam powered engine or a combustion engine. The maximum speed attained by these means was around 70 kilometres per hour which by today's standards is laughable. If that was the case today it would take months to go from Australia to the USA. But all thanks to Wright brothers who came up with a working airplane and showed the world that human beings can fly too. Their daring act led to a wide increase in the development and invention of flying machines. Although not as fast as today's airplanes, these early flying machines showed the world that flying is not only fun it's also fast.

Jump ahead to the 21st century and to think of a future without airplanes is impossible. Airplanes have been woven so tight into our lives that it would create havoc just by the thought of removing it. Today people are able to fly around the globe with ease and in few hours. To think of that 200 years ago would be giving the opportunity to people to call you mad! The first airplane was flown on December 17, 1903, by the Wright brothers and the first passenger flight was done on 10 December 1913. In just 10 years people realized the potential of airplanes as a medium of transportation.

Through the next century, many airlines companies started coming up and growing as fast as the world started to develop. This is when Southwest Airlines came into existence. This airline company was started in 1967 by Herb Kelleher with the sole purpose of flying people in Texas but currently, it has grown into the world's largest low-cost flying airline company. It operates more than 3850 flights on a daily basis and is managed by 47000 employees. Southwest Airlines carry the most number of domestic passengers in the USA according to the stats of 2014. This company only uses Boing 737 passenger jet planes having more than 700 planes at their service.

The reservation for the Southwest Airlines can be done through their online website and also through a Southwest Airlines booking phone number. The Southwest Airlines booking phone number is 1-800-I-FLY-SWA. This is a 24/7 service and can be called at any time and from any part of the world. The fares for Southwest Airlines is very low than what the competition charges, and that is the main reason for the success of this airliner. It also offers very good support service. Southwest Airlines fly to many cities around the USA and the world. Top served cities by southeast airlines are as follows

  • Chicago-midway
  • Baltimore-Washington
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver
  • Dallas

It also has a strong foothold in Phoenix, Orlando, and Atlanta to name a few. Southwest Airlines only use Boeing 737 jet plane as their airliner although it leased some Boeing 727 in the 1970s and 1980s because of some financial reasons. There are many colours used for their airplanes Dessert Gold being the first color to be used.

The Dessert Gold livery was used until 2001 and was replaced by Canyon Blue. The Canyon Blue color was also discontinued in 2014 giving way for a Heart livery which consists of a darker blue color for the body and yellow and red for the tail section. Using slogans is an integral part of the company and so it has used many slogans throughout the last century and continues to do so with a touch of humour in them. Some of the famous slogans used by southwest airlines are

  • Love is still our field
  • The somebody else up there that loves you
  • You're now free to move bout the country
  • Welcome aboard
  • Just plane smart
  • If it matters to you it matters to us

Southwest Airlines Reservations Number

If someone is making any great plan to travel to the number of destinations, book a flight ticket which is the most important parts of finalizing the plans literally. But between constantly changing airlines prices and the many different options of where to purchase the flight ticket, a booking procedure can get a little confusing for the each passenger of the Southwest Airlines.

When going for the deal of the discount, whether someone books his Airline tickets online, by phone or through a travel agent, it is always a good idea to check the reservations or booking deals and discounts with the several times. By using such process, a user can book a flight ticket in discount along with the numerous facilities and services. Southwest Airlines reservations number is the best modality that accesses reliable customer representative who enlists the best advice to go through the procedure mannerly.

Southwest Airlines Booking Number

How can travelers book tickets with Southwest Airlines

All travelers don’t want to spend a lot of time on booking a flight ticket. They want to get it done as easily as possible. Southwest Airlines cater to such travelers and provide impeccable reservation process to book tickets at the very last moment as well. The booking panel is easily accessible from the homepage itself and have a few fields only to be filled. All that travelers need to do is to take help from the customer support team of Southwest Airlines.

Following is the procedure to book tickets with Southwest Airlines

  • In the very first step, all travelers must visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and access the ticket booking panel from the homepage itself.
  • To start the process, users must click on the flight tab on the ticket booking panel.
  • There will be a few fields on display and users must fill them precisely. To start of, users must provide the names of the Airport in the Arrive and depart fields.
  • Once this info is given , users must then enter the dates of Journey in the depart and the Arrive fields.
  • In the next step users must mention the number of adults as well as number of children travelling with them in the given fields.
  • Once users are done with providing users with all that info, they must click on Search.
  • A new window will be displayed projecting all the relevant flight options. From these options users must pick the most suitable.
  • In the next step, after making a selection, users must click on book flight option.
  • In the final step, once the reservation process is complete, people will receive a confirmation mail on their provided email.
  • In order to get more info on the ticket booking process, users must call at Southwest Airlines booking phone number. Their people will provide a step by step guidance on the reservation and cancellation process.

Southwest Airlines continue to grow day by day in the USA and also in many other parts of the world owning it success to cheap airline tickets and good service. The tickets can be bought on the official website and also there is a Southwest Airlines booking phone number which is open 24/7.

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